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Come to the AAL Forum and join us in our workshop

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Come to the AAL Forum and join us in our workshop

This year the AAL Forum AGEING WELL IN THE DIGITAL AGE: A growing community of change makers will be held on September 24-26 in Bilbao. It is pursuing the involvement of each attendee as a driver for change within their ecosystems. This event will also give a special emphasis on showcasing AAL technologies and solutions pre-market and on the market and on the organization of interactive and motivational sessions & workshops with contributions from the AAL community.

Embrace! How do you get elderly customers to embrace your IoT solution?
Seven members of the ‘Living well with Anne’ AAL-consortium will present a workshop on the 26th at 14.00 hours. We would like to enlarge the awareness of other companies and organizations in how to get the (elderly) end users you build your IoT solution for to really embrace your solution for themselves. In answer to that question we have developed a straight forward but effective method called ‘Embrace!’. It is not about the ICT technology under development, it is about relationship management, especially listening very well to end users and their carers – both informal and professional.

What format will the session take?
First we will share our experiences and failures, struggling with the following questions:
How to get:
… end users on board?
… them willing to sustainably test our ICT solution?
… them stay on board over a longer period and become pioneering customers during the market launch of the commercial product?
Our experience have led to an approach of end-users and we made that into the ‘Embrace’-toolbox. Based on 7 keys to success, both valid during and after a project.

In this workshop we will guide you through the seven steps and then invite you to take those steps for your own solution. Our end-user organisation members will act as the elderly they represent and will give you direct feedback what they need to embrace your product.

Who should attend and why and what can you take away?
If you’re developing and bringing to market an ICT-solution in care and recognise these questions, you should attend and walk away with more insight how to get the people you make your product for to really embrace it!


Ellen Steenmeijer, MSc, CCO and the marcom and change management communication specialist of ‘Virtask’ (The Netherlands), coordinator of the AAL projects MyLive, MyWay and Living Well with Anne. Dr. Daniel Bolliger, Senior Researcher at iHomeLab – Lucerne University of applied Arts & Sciences, and project leader of several AAL programmes for ‘iHomelab’ in Switzerland; Dr. Marcel Heerink, Associate professor Robotics research group of ‘Windesheim Flevoland University’ for Applied Sciences; Michiel de Jong, MSc, Lecturer Communication & Researcher Robotic at Windesheim University for Applied Sciences. In the workshop members of the end-user organisations in ‘Living well with Anne’ will give feedback to the participants: Viviane von Döllen (Lux), Vera Stera (It), Stephanie Koenderink (NL).

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