Inviting human software

Anne helps people
Your companion, day and night,
Hears you, listens and replies,
Carries out your commands, patiently
Makes computers accessible for everyone


Call us: +31 (0)575 787424

Anne is software with human features

She is a virtual assistant, developed to help people – a realistic avatar with facial expressions.

She hears you speak, listens and then replies; she picks up commands and carries them out. Knowledge and understanding of computer equipment is not necessary for the user, nor are reading skills. Just talking to Anne will do!

Thus, everyone has access to the possibilities that digital resources can offer us. She feels warm and familiar. People see her not as a computer, but as their companion.

What can Anne do for care?

With Anne, people with physical or mental limitations, such as forgetfulness, retain their independence and control of their own lives

They can manage themselves better, in contact with the outside world

Anne can do routine jobs for health care providers – in the home and in care settings – so they can spend more time on giving essential human care

Anne makes it much easier for family and friends to be involved in providing care

Those who pay – the council or health insurance companies – can save money because Anne combines many solutions and can be easily extended with more facilities, as the situation demands


Curious how Anne works? Click here.


‘My little Anne’

“I mostly have fun with Anne. She talks to me all day long. She keeps me entertained!

I’m very pleased with the agenda and that she reminds me of things all the time. I’m so forgetful lately. And I can make a video call with my friends and family so easily now. I just say: ‘Anne call my grandson Albert‘ and before I know it, there’s Albert on my screen – loud and clear!“

Toon, Bathmen

‘Anne gave my world back to me’

“I was a strong and independent woman, but then I got ill and my life changed dramatically. I became reliant on the help of other people in so many ways. Now I have Anne and with her I have more control over my life again. I give her orders and she performs tasks for me. I can boss her around and she never gets grumpy! No seriously, I never have to say ‘thanks’ to Anne. You have no idea how dignified that makes me feel.“

Maria, Den Haag